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    Although the year is only partially complete, a number of new Web design trends are already becoming popular. Many of the top ideas of 2012 are catching on and new ones are increasing in popularity for 2013. Many design trends reflect a growing tendency toward intuitive user interfaces, others just seem to be following the crowds. As we cross the midway point of 2013, It seemed an appropriate moment to take a look back over the start of this year, at some of the most interesting up and coming web design trends.

    Retina Support

    In addition to intuitive designs, retina support is a growing trend among Web design. Originally, Apple was the first organization to engineer the idea of retina support. They used it in the iPhone 4 and then quickly applied the idea to a range of other devices. Retina screens are two times as dense as most LCD screens. This means that double the pixels are squeezed with the same amount of space. For Web designers, the new retina screens mean that each image must have two versions. One must have double the pixels for a retina screen while another image is used for older devices. To easily do this, designers can use retina.js. The JavaScript library helps to display retina screen images automatically.

    Feature Tours for Homepages

    Another of the hottest design trends is to have demo videos or sliding images on the homepage. Using these informational screens work well for landing pages and startups to draw readers in. If the sliding images are done well, they can be appealing and profitable for the company. Images can be rotated or slide across the screen. The larger graphics and icons instantly catch the reader’s eye and provide a clean landing page for the user.

    Mobile Navigation Toggle

    In order to have intuitive design for a website, the pages must have the best navigation. Readers have to be able to access important links easily and without too many distractions. One of the most recent developments in this area is the mobile navigation toggle menu. It works on smartphones and in web browsers to create a responsive layout. The menu can be designed in multiple formats. Links can slide down or content can be moved from the left or right side. As more designers use toggled navigation over the coming months, the possible formats will expand drastically.

    Full Screen Typography

    Depending on the user, this design concept works extremely well. Oversized font can offer rich text effects with CSS3 properties. For this method to work the best, it must be placed in the appropriate layout. If this is done, it can make the page easier to navigate. Full screen typography can also be used with oversized images.


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